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Every industry and country. requires a tailored response.
In a highly competitive P&C insurance market, you need to seize every growth opportunity quickly. Your P&C insurance software must be reliable, efficient and flexible to adapt sales, policy administration, claims management and cash flow processing to the specifics of each market. It must also fit seamlessly into your digital transformation strategy to become a facilitator of innovation.

Personal property protection

Fleet protection for enterprises

Multi-channel and multi-network distribution

Regulatory compliance

Ciriselsa, 100% cloud-based P&C insurance software

Stand out from the crowd by easily creating value-added offers.

What are the benefits of Ciriselsa, the 100% cloud-based P&C insurance software?


P&C business

Ciriselsa P&C manages the entire life cycle of your insurance policies: offer design, multi-channel distribution, claims management, reinsurance, financial flow management, and policyholder relations.



You develop and adapt the Ciriselsa management platform to the specificities of the most complex lines of business, in complete autonomy, without the risk of interfering with the integrity of the central software core.



Digital technology promotes international exchanges. Multilingual, multi-currency, multi-alphabet and multi-tax, Ciriselsa insurance software facilitates the creation, distribution and management of insurance contracts between the four corners of the globe.


You use software hosted in the cloud, guaranteeing the scalability and increase of your activity (increase of the functional perimeter, creation of new sites, evolution of the number of files managed, etc.).

Increased flexibility with our P&C solutions

Our solution adapts to all the specificities of your business

P&C insurance software interconnected with your IT ecosystem

Ciriselsa interacts with leading business solutions (data, digital, IoT, CRM, BI, accounting) to provide you with a complete view of your business and automate time-consuming tasks.

Life insurance management

Did you know?

Ciriselsa is also a life insurance software designed for personal insurance companies, mutual health insurance companies and provident institutions.

Customer testimonials

These insurance companies, mutuals and major brokers recommend Ciriselsa insurance software and the expertise of our business experts.

"The architecture of the Ciriselsa IARD management platform allows us to be totally autonomous in our developments, without interfering in the core software. Infoelsa has always supported us, at our request and when necessary, with advice, relevant assistance, and an unfailing commitment to simplifying the tasks of configuration, administration and deployment."


"We have been using the Ciriselsa IARD management platform for several years now to manage all of Allianz France's aviation lines of business (light aviation, business aviation, civil and professional liability for pilots, etc.). Ciriselsa is the perfect answer to the complexities of our market contexts, thanks to the flexibility, adaptability, openness and reliability of its system."

Allianz AGCS

"We use the Ciriselsa IARD management platform to manage the insurance contracts of the transport branch. Ciriselsa has easily interfaced with our internal information system that manages the company's other businesses. We appreciate the flexibility and robustness of the software, as well as the reliability, trust and service spirit of its publisher, Infoelsa."

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A P&C insurance software (fire, casualty and Miscellaneous Risks) is an administrative solution designed for insurance companies, mutuals, brokers and managing agents. It covers the entire lifecycle of policies insuring professionals’ property and fleets.

A P&C insurance software (or I.A.R.D.) manages the creation and distribution of offers to insurance company, mutual, and broker customers, as well as claims reporting, customer relations, day-to-day policy administration, and most reinsurance contracts.

P&C software is an essential part of the insurance industry’s digital transformation strategy. It automates all low value-added tasks, facilitates multi-channel distribution of insurance offerings and enables secure data reconciliation and exchange. Infoelsa experts inform you about the challenges of the digital transformation of property and casualty insurance.