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Accelerate the time to market for your life insurance | ( Health and Provident ) offerings

With changing expectations and practices, health insurers, provident institutions and mutual insurance companies need to accelerate the marketing of innovative, customized offerings. Your life insurance software for managing individual and group policies must be reliable, efficient and flexible to meet the high demands of individuals and businesses. It must also support your digital transformation strategy by integrating seamlessly with your existing information system.

Your needs

The best health and welfare cover
Management of group life insurance contracts
Management of individual life insurance contracts
Multi-channel distribution
Compliance with regulations

Ciriselsa, 100% cloud based life insurance software.

Stand out from the crowd by easily creating value-added offers.


Tailor your death, education, marriage and retirement products to the specific situations and regulations of each market.


Manage the distribution of your life insurance policies, the processing of quotes, endorsements, receipts, SEPA, SIMT and ETEBAC direct debits, and specific collection rules by network or country.


Facilitate beneficiary updates and claims filing. Streamline branch assessment, third party administration, payment, closure, subrogation and appraisal processes.


Simplify the administration of quota share, surplus and excess of loss, and facultative reinsurance policies by working directly with reinsurers or reinsurance brokers. Each coverage has its own reinsurance model.


Set up a custom accounting schema for each module and automate the posting of accounting entries. These postings can be exported to external accounting software.


Generate your own dashboards independently, publish statistical reports and statements according to current legislation for all your internal or external needs.

Web portals

Offer simplified subscription and information exchange processes that meet the expectations of your stakeholders (policyholders, partners, reinsurers, healthcare organizations) by combining physical channels (mail, outlets, agencies) and digital channels (web, mobile).


The advantages of Ciriselsa VIE

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Life insurance Business
Manage the entire lifecycle of your insurance contracts on a single cloud platform: product design, underwriting process, claims management, reinsurance management, accounting.
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You can independently develop new processes, according to the specificities of the covered lines of business, without the risk of interfering with the core of Ciriselsa VIE.
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The insurance VIE software natively allows the creation and management of multilingual, multi-currency, multi-alphabet and multi-tax health and social security policies, both for individuals and groups.
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Your insurance software is hosted in the cloud, which guarantees optimal performance as your workload increases (increase in functionality, creation of new agencies, increase in volume of files managed, etc.).

An Life insurance software at the heart of your ecosystem

Ciriselsa interfaces with external reference platforms (data, digital, IoT, CRM, BI, accounting) for global management of your activities and automation of low value-added tasks.
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Increased flexibility with our pluggable processes

Our solution adapts to all the specificities of your business and market with our pluggable processes.
Customer testimonials

These insurance companies, mutuals and major brokers recommend Ciriselsa insurance software and the expertise of our business experts.

Property & Casualty Insurance Management

Did you know? Ciriselsa is also a P&C insurance software that adapts to the unique processes of insurance companies, mutuals, brokers and managing agents.

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The life insurance (Health and Provident) software is a business management solution for the personal insurance sector (insurance companies, mutual health insurers, provident funds, brokers and managing agents).
The life insurance (Health and Provident) software manages new quote creation, online subscriptions, claims reporting, customer relations, policy life and reinsurance contract management.
Life insurance software is an indispensable tool in the digital transformation strategy of the life and health insurance industry. It automates business processes, simplifies the customer journey and ensures exchanges between the various players in the health insurance industry.