« Making health insurance affordable and accessible for all ages  » by SafetyNet


As a health insurance specialist working with leading insurance and reinsurance companies, SafetyNet develops, distributes and manages disruptive healthcare solutions in Southeast Asia, including creating communication interfaces with a preferred hospital network and offering affordable treatment worldwide.

As the world’s third largest economy, ASEAN-Oceania with its 670 million ultra-connected people is the ideal ecosystem for developing new technology-driven SafetyNet delivery models. Cambodia is the first target market. The company is affiliated with Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc.

Flexible software, tailor-made support


With the creation of SafetyNet in 2015, Édouard LESELLIER, a recognized health insurance expert, has launched an insurance concept specifically for emerging markets. The idea is to offer a product that includes all members of a family, a strong value in Asia, and works on the principle of guaranteed health insurance for all. In fact, the value of the service is based on its inclusive model: no one is turned away because of any pathology.

To obtain regulatory certification and reassure its local partner, it has a partner of choice, as the company AXA UK has decided to accompany it in its entrepreneurial adventure as a reinsurer.

All that remained was to choose a management software that could be customized, operational and connected to the back offices of its various partners and contacts. He also wants to be able to outsource all the administration of the IT in order to focus on his core business, which is designing healthcare solutions. However, management software in the insurance world is generally “disproportionate and not flexible enough”, says Édouard LESELLIER.

For this reason, he turned to INFOELSA. In addition to the adaptability of its CIRISelsa IARD software, INFOELSA’s team support sets it apart from its competitors. Aware of the challenges and commercial potential of SafetyNet, but also in an effort to effectively support the launch of the company, the publisher has introduced an original annual licensing system based on the amount of premiums subscribed during the year.

A Software designed to quickly launch a new insurance product


SafetyNet’s back office processes all claims for its policyholders (individuals and companies) across all healthcare facilities, and Infoelsa’s insurance software performs all risk modelling. These projections are based on both historical and anticipated risk modelling and risk transfer techniques through data processing.

CIRISelsa’s insurance software is perfectly suited for emerging needs or the design of a new insurance product. This is because, unlike the French market, which is characterized by a high degree of standardization of offers, the Asian market has different proportions between group insurance for companies and individual or family insurance. Group contracts are concluded in an immature market where health insurance is a new issue. In addition, HR managers are not bound by legislation and requirements vary widely depending on the budget. Each contract therefore requires continuous adaptability in defining benefits and pricing.


Enter new markets quickly

Our pluggable processes allow you to fine-tune your solution to adapt to the specificities of all markets.